Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Vow Renewals and other Celebrations

It's fun to celebrate life's many transitions and milestones.

In addition to performing weddings, I officiate vow renewal, commitment, re-commitment, domestic partnership and other ceremonies.
Ceremonies are rituals that make statements about our beliefs, relationships with others and where we are in our lives. From the CDM Wedding Ceremony:

By performing this marriage, (the couple) make a public statement about their private thoughts and commitments to each other.
Lori and Tim, pictured above, are an easy going, kind, accepting and generous couple that I had the honor of meeting and being the officiant for their ceremony. They were legally married when I met them, but they wanted to host a festive celebration with family and friends in Mexico. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful wedding.
Congratulations Lori and Tim!

It is important to me to work with my couples to compose a ceremony that best represents their beliefs, thoughts and ideas. Lori, Tim and I created a ceremony that blended their views incorporating different traditions and beliefs, including wu-wei. Wu-wei is a key principle of Taoism, which can be defined in contemporary terms as "going with the flow". I am grateful to Lori and Tim for introducing me to this concept.

I had previously studied a similar principle at CDM that was presented as "non-resistance". Both approaches resonate with me. Regardless of one's spiritual beliefs, the use of wu-wei and/or non-resistance in one's life can help reduce stress, struggle and conflict. If you want to experience an easier more joyful life explore the concepts of wu-wei and non-resistance. In order to integrate these concepts into your life, you may find you have some unlearning to do, as our society rewards effort and doing vs. non-effort and non-doing.

But then life is full of learning and unlearning opportunities. These learning and unlearning experiences are just some of the the things we have to celebrate! Thinking of publicly stating your love and union with your significant other? Perhaps your ready to walk down the aisle again to renew your vows and recommit to the one you love. If you're interested in setting up a complimentary initial meeting with me, call 619-797-0705 or email me at Enjoy your day and remember to CELEBRATE (click it to celebrate)!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Getting Married Soon?

Short notice weddings are my niche for two main reasons; it provides a service for those needing an officiant at the last minute and it tends to work best with my schedule. Because of various commitments it is challenging for me to sign on to perform weddings more than six months in advance. For some couples this works fine and for others of course, it doesn't.

For warm and welcoming couple, Crystal and Brett, pictured above, it worked great! I performed their intimate wedding and handfasting ceremony two years ago in a beautiful Seattle park. I now have the honor of performing their "big ceremony" in California this summer! Congratulations Crystal and Brett!

In addition to scheduling, I have found that the less time a couple spends planning their wedding, the less time they have to get stressed out about it! It has been reported that the top three most stressful experiences a person can go through are starting a new job, moving and getting married. Regardless of the situation, there will be stress involved and it will be emotional, however the more a couple can relax and enjoy the journey vs. getting fixated on the expectation of perfection the more fun they, and those around them will have.

In addition to short notice and last minute weddings, I am often available on holidays, as well as for theme, costume and out of the ordinary ceremonies. Want to plan something especially unique and perhaps edgy? Ask me to be a part of it...I just might say yes!